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About us

We have been together and learned a lot with our customers in the last 30 years. The complexity of the context of each of them has grown exponentially and leadership needs something real, practical and applicable  to their needs.

There’s no more space for generic trainings in mature leadership.
This is why we specialize in high-impact interventions committing to precise diagnostics. We understand that our competitor is time and the cost/benefit factor on the minds of successful leaders, and most of the times, skeptical about the efficacy on this approach.

oday our methodology is defined by a model with strong scientific basis,  cutting-edge knowledge to the daily practice, but in a way each customer can absorb. It’s our duty and commitment to be worthy of our clients more precious resource: time.

Our team

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Roberto Aylmer, Ph.D.

foto-233 (1).jpg

Mariana Aylmer, Ph.D.

Qualitative Researcher
PhD in Leadership Ethical Development

foto-248 (1)_edited.png

Bela Fernandes

Executive development

and teams dynamics

foto-191 (1).jpg

Ricardo Barros, M.Sc.

Qualitative Research
Risks and Losses reduction

foto-125 (1).jpg


Doctor, especialized in Executive Burnout and Pressure management

Aline Couto

PAT Specialist

Thomas Olivato

High performance leadership in multinational organizations
Customer Success solutions

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